Aluminium Anodizing

Anodizing aluminum is a process that enhances aluminum’s corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and aesthetic appeal. This electrochemical procedure involves immersing the metal in an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through it, resulting in the formation of an integral oxide layer. This layer provides superior protection against wear and corrosion when compared to untreated aluminum.

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One of our specialties is aluminium anodizing, that is a necessary step in the production of metal parts. This service is particularly often used in the automotive sector, however, it is widely used in many industries.

We have everything to provide our customers that anodized aluminium surface will meet all their requirements. Due to our commitment and care about the highest quality of components, we can guarantee that anodizing of aluminium will bring the desired effect. Check our great price-list and take advantage of our offer!

Anodizing Aluminum - What Is It?

Learn more about aluminum anodizing from our articles, as regardless of your knowledge level, you will find valuable information here. Stay up to date with the latest achievements in the field of aluminum anodizing and discover the fascinating world of this metal surface treatment technique.

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Aluminium Anodizing

Anodizing aluminum is a chemical treatment process that imparts special properties and appearance to aluminum. It is a popular industrial technique with applications in various fields, from aerospace to consumer goods…

Color Anodizing

Color anodizing is a technological process aimed at giving objects made of aluminum or its alloys a durable and aesthetic color.
This procedure involves the controlled formation of metal oxides on the surface of aluminum, not only protecting it from corrosion but also allowing for the application of various shades....
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Chemical Polishing

Chemical polishing of aluminum is an advanced surface treatment technology that enhances both the aesthetic and functional properties of this versatile metal.
Aluminium, known for its lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance, is extensively used across various industries, including automotive,...
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